Connect 2 First Brings High-Speed Fiber Internet To HSV

Connect 2 First Brings High-Speed Fiber Internet To HSV

We’re joined today by Tonya Sexton and Randy Everett, both from Connect 2 First. Tonya is the VP of Marketing & Development. Randy is the Chief Information Officer of First Electric Cooperative and the GM of Connect 2 First, a wholly subsidiary of First Electric.

High-speed fiber Internet is currently being installed on the Saline County side of Hot Springs Village. Current pricing packages will begin at $59.99 monthly for 200mbps up/down. The top package will be $99.99 for full gigabit service. These speeds and the consistency of the connectivity will be a true game-changer inside Hot Springs Village. High-speed Internet is increasingly a necessity for remote work, live streaming, audio/video creators, gamers, and even more casual Internet users.

Multiple crews are currently installing over 1 million feet of fiber cable every month. Connect 2 First hopes to have this service available to First Electric customers in Saline County in Hot Springs Village by mid-2023. The board of First Electric determined that First Electric customers would be a priority this new high-speed Internet service. We encourage you to check out their website and sign up for their free email newsletter so you can stay informed on the progress. Click here:

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5 thoughts on “Connect 2 First Brings High-Speed Fiber Internet To HSV”

  1. John Szczepaniak

    I think it is important that all you are going to get inside the home is a “modem” that converts the fiber light signals into one wired network connection. Most likely people will need to get their own wireless router to use their wireless devices. For many here, there will be a lot of hand-holding needed if they chose to switch.
    Many if not most people are already using entertainment bundling packages from their current provider such as “U-Verse” from AT&T (which is no longer being offered to new customers, Suddenlink and various satellite installations.
    To give an example: If you are only using a cable box now, you may have to decide on which wireless router you need for you wireless “WIFI” devices and which entertainment bundling package you need. There will most certainly be a need to help non-technical customers if they want to move to this service. People need to also know they can keep what they have if they are happy with it. I have no doubt the the coming generations will most certainly want the high speed fiber in lieu of what is now offered. I am excited about the new possibilities with this new service.

  2. Hey guys,
    I’ve been listening to your podcasts for a few weeks now. I enjoy it.
    I’m currently living in the dfw area and really like HSV. We are planning on moving there in the summer. I have a few questions.

    1. What would advise or recommendations do you have for new residents?
    2. How can we get involved in the community?

    By the way, we have a 5th grader and she will in 6th grade next year.

  3. I hear construction has been halted. I live in a remote area and have been looking for high speed internet for the last 15 years. We are not offered sudden link or u-verse where we are. Phase 1 was built in a area where both are offered. We are always left out. We need what was promised to be completed. They said it would take a year. Now that they have stopped I fear we will never get this service. The POA should have never allowed internet providers to pick and choose who they provide service too. They should now pressure First Electric to finish the job ASAP.

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