We Have New Property Owners Inside Hot Springs Village

We Have New Property Owners Inside Hot Springs Village

Hot Springs Village deed

Thursday, December 9, 2021 – day 191 of our podcast – Hot Springs Village Inside Out. It was a special day. There were no parades. No bands. Not even a photograph of us, but there was one photo taken. Of a legal document. It’s kinda fuzzy, but it’s a warranty deed for a piece of property inside Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. We (Randy & Rhonda) became property owners inside Hot Springs Village! And it only took 191 days of podcasting to help make it happen thanks to my co-host, Dennis Simpson.

Here’s the live stream recording of our broadcast directly to our Facebook group, Friday, December 10, 2021. Enjoy!

KVRE, media sponsor to HSV Inside Out

Thanks to KVRE, our media partner!

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