Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Hot Springs Village

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Hot Springs Village

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Today Dennis discusses the current real estate investment environment, short-term rentals (STRs), and tax strategies for maximizing investment opportunities in Hot Springs Village. Joining Dennis is Rick Marshall, Realtor with Trademark Real Estate in Hot Springs Village. Rick has the RSPS designation from the National Association of Realtors as a Resort and Second Home Property Specialist.

Inside this show Rick referred to two websites. These are great resources that can assist you in getting a better understanding of Arkansas and the area. is the Arkansas Economic Development Council and the weather site


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2 thoughts on “Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Hot Springs Village”

  1. Does HSV ever have any distressed properties that real estate agents are not interested in selling? Do you work with investors who buy and sell these types of properties?

    1. There are very few distressed properties IN Hot Springs Village, thus not really a market for “wholesalers” looking to flip homes or contracts. Hot Springs, 20 minutes OUTSIDE of the Village is a different market that does have some of those opportunities.

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