Welcome Home, Police Chief Kristi Bennett

Welcome Home, Police Chief Kristi Bennett

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Our show title could be, Local Girl Makes Good, Comes Home To HSV, but we wanted new Police Chief Bennett to see her name in the headline. 😉

Kristi Bennett is our new Police Chief in Hot Springs Village. She joins us today to share the story of her journey through law enforcement, being selected to be the youngest Police Chief in Texarkana history and Texarkana’s first female police chief. 

We back the blue and know you do, too!

Randy Cantrell


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1 thought on “Welcome Home, Police Chief Kristi Bennett”

  1. As a dispatcher, I am very excited about this new chapter!! Chief Bennett has done a fantastic job fitting right in! The positivity she has brought with her is infectious. Everyone seems to have a little more pep in their step and I love that!! I can’t wait to see what our future holds!
    I want to say “Welcome home Chief”!
    Dispatcher Tangee

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