Property Taxes

Property Taxes

Today we’re joined by Jeff Atkins, a frequent contributor to our show, to discuss property taxes inside Hot Springs Village. Arkansas state property taxes are revised periodically, like other states, in order to maintain pace with current market conditions. These regular reappraisals could result in surprising some property owners. Sometimes property owners may believe their property valuations are inaccurate. Let’s discuss 2022 and the pending adjustments made by the two counties that encompass Hot Springs Village. We’ll also talk about what you can do if you’d like to protest or appeal your property’s tax valuation.

Useful links mentioned in today’s show:

Saline County

Garland County

Also mentioned by Dennis is an episode of my other podcast – Leaning Toward Wisdom. 😉

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1 thought on “Property Taxes”

  1. John Szczepaniak

    I am glad the team is airing these informative interviews but the time allotted seems to be too short for some subjects re: property taxes and probably might be a good idea to have a part 2 or 3.

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