Pat Bollier- RE:MAX Realtor Inside Hot Springs Village

Pat Bollier: RE/MAX Realtor Inside Hot Springs Village

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Pat Bollier is a real-estate expert inside the Village with years of experience. She’s an Arkansas native who has been with RE/MAX of Hot Springs Village since 2006.

Pat has been a Village property owner for years so she’s intimately acquainted with Hot Springs Village. As a top-performing realtor in the Village, Pat is extremely community-minded and dedicated to the prosperity of HSV.

Contact information for Pat: or (501) 425-0134

Whether you just have questions about Hot Springs Village, or if you’re looking to purchase or sell property here, Pat is a terrific resource. She joins Dennis today to share her experience and insights.

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2 thoughts on “Pat Bollier: RE/MAX Realtor Inside Hot Springs Village”

  1. Villages in FL is all municipality and not an association at all surrounded by major cities, nope no comparison. However HSV really needs to limit Airbnbs which aren’t housing and maybe discourage buying for rental income and not owner living, it is becoming transient.

    1. Any comparisons to the Villages (at least on our show) are based largely on the demographics. As for STR (short-term rental) activities inside HSV, we’d encourage folks to carefully examine the economic impact. People investing in the Village have helped real estate values escalate substantially. Additionally, many STRs operate out of their main residence. I know firsthand because the places where we stay are always a suite in somebody’s basement, etc. Additionally, things like golf rounds and restaurant visits are enhanced significantly by folks visiting HSV. The dollars brought into the Village by visitors are so significant (millions) that the entire Village would feel the negative impact if STR opportunities were restricted. Besides, HSV was formed by Cooper on short-term rentals – marketing to have people visit here in hopes they’d buy property. There’s no evidence we’ve seen that your remark about it “becoming transient” is true. If you own property inside HSV, the recent growth of HSV has likely dramatically enhanced your investment.

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