Greg Jones- Raised On Racial & Cultural Diversity

Greg Jones: Raised On Racial & Cultural Diversity

We can see somebody or something and quickly think, “I’ve got them figured out.” But we may be wrong. Completely.

Some years ago, I’m ashamed to admit, there was a sportscaster in DFW who was over-the-top in his announcing. Lots of people poked fun at him. It didn’t help that he frosted the tips of his spiked hair. I wasn’t mean-spirited, but I did make a comment on social media about his demeanor. I didn’t draw any conclusions about his character or anything, but I did join in to poke a bit of fun at him. About a month later I learned something about his childhood and background that changed my perspective of him. On the same social media platform, I apologized to him, tagging his social media handle. He thanked me. I felt some better, but it taught me a valuable lesson I had forgotten. Things – and people – aren’t always what you think.

Our show makes no apologies for our fandom of Mr. Greg Jones and his efforts to operate a successful restaurant group – Xplore Restaurant Group. As a businessman, I know skills and talents when I see them and Greg has mastered many things. HSV Inside Out wishes only the best for him and every small business owner in and around Hot Springs Village. We’re unabashed fans of entrepreneurs.

Yet anybody who takes on the massive work of trying to please the dining public (ask any restaurant owner on the planet), opens themselves up for harsh criticism from people who have no clue how difficult the task is. Worse yet, some people make judgments about character and integrity without gaining any understanding.

Today’s show is a brief, but powerful example of teaching us something about Mr. Greg Jones that we didn’t know. It just may – like the truth I heard about a sportscaster – alter how you see him.

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