FAQs About Short-Term Rentals Inside Hot Springs Village

FAQs About Short-Term Rentals Inside Hot Springs Village

Today we’re doing a follow-up show on short-term rentals inside Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. Our objective is to answer some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and dive more deeply into short-term rentals.

True confession: my first experience with Hot Springs Village was via Airbnb. It was Dennis’ basement bedroom suite there on Lake DeSoto. My wife and I now frequent Hot Springs Village 4-6 times a year, typically staying one week each time. We’ve been able to experience lakefront accommodations, wooded secluded places, and golf course views. Airbnb has been a terrific service for our ventures into HSV.

What is a short-term rental?

Who vets the people who can rent?

What protections are in place for the hosts and the guests?

Are short-term rental customers hellions who create problems for neighbors? (Hint: bad people can be found anywhere, at any time, but are they the norm inside the Village?)

Go to Airbnb.com or Vrbo.com to give Dennis’ suggestion a go. Sign up and go through the process without actually spending the money – just to see what the process is like.

Thank you for watching and listening!

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