Dennis Goes To The Dump

Dennis Goes To The Dump

Cue the eery music.

It’s Friday, the 13th.

There’s a flatbed trailer filled with stuff. Some of it is pure junk. Some of it isn’t. There’s even some flooring – brand new and still in the box.

An old hot tub. Mirrors. Furniture.

Dennis has grown tired of hoarding this stuff. It’s time for it to go. All of it.

We join Dennis as he attempts to find a home for the stuff that may be useful.

To somebody.

But there isn’t anybody.


Is it a sign of our times?

Could it be the current “help wanted” situation is impacting every industry, including charitable operations?

Earnest went to camp, but Dennis visited the dump.

Our journey ends when Dennis and the flatbed truck reach the Garland County dump.

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