Charlie Brown: HSV Community Development Manager

Charlie Brown: HSV Community Development Manager

Charles (Charlie) Brown is the Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association Community Development Manager. He joins us today to discuss a variety of responsibilities which include animal control, gate management (he oversees the contractor), compliance, permits, inspections, and code enforcement. Yes, Charlie has a full plate that he and his team handle daily for the Village.

Charlie loved HSV and retired here after a career in the Coast Guard followed by a career for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In 2015, on the same day, his previous career retirement benefits began he started a new job spearheading the beach patrol on HSV lakes. Over time his skills were leveraged to manage more services inside the Village.

Charlie and his team continue to do exemplary work to serve the citizens of Hot Springs Village.

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1 thought on “Charlie Brown: HSV Community Development Manager”

  1. I am frequently telling people that the POA is not some outside entity lording over us. I have heard “Sue the POA!” Too many people don’t understand the POA is us. The majority of the rules and regulations are for our benefit. Suing the POA would be basically suing myself and my neighbors. Members of the POA Board LIVE HERE ALSO and must follow the same rules as us.

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