The Pros And Cons Of Moving To Hot Springs Village

The Pros and Cons of Moving to Hot Springs Village

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Realtors may be especially susceptible to the question, “Tell me the pros and cons of moving to Hot Springs Village.”

Those of us who love the Village may also field that question. I know I’ve found myself attempting to answer it from folks who have found our little podcast, friends, and even family. Fans of the Village likely rave on and on about it prompting others to wonder where the downsides are, and whether or not the pros outweigh them.

Rick Marshall, a local realtor in the Village, joins Dennis to wrestle down these questions together.

Randy Cantrell

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4 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Moving to Hot Springs Village”

  1. John M Szczepaniak

    Home maintenance can be a bear especially if you buy a used home that the owner failed to properly maintain it. Tree waste removal can also be a major burden.

  2. I should have noted … we have trees here the way ppl have grass… and there can be maint issues with Trees, leaf removal etc.. and many homes needed more attention than they have gotten in the past 50 years 😉

  3. We are in our 60’s , close to closing on a new home build and moving from North Dakota. We did consider older homes and remodeling did not scare us. The trees are a plus according to us! Everyone will have their needs and wants and the Village seems to fulfill a majority.

  4. My wife and I currently live in Southern California and considering retiring to Hot Springs Village. We have visited the Village a few times and like what we see. We do have a few questions though. We would like to have an inground pool and a fenced backyard for pool security and for a dog. Is that allowed in the Village? Does it depend upon the area and if so, which areas do and do not allow pools and fences?
    Thank You.

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