Reserved Property In Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Randy, Jeff, and I dive into the murky waters of reserved properties. As a unique gated community, run by a POA (that is a non-profit corporation) Hot Springs Village is different from cities or towns. Hot Springs Village isn’t a municipality. HSV is 26,000 acres of awesome that requires a little more explanation.

For purposes of this Podcast reserved property is property that hasn’t been designated as Residential or Commercial property by the developer, which is not the POA, but a private corporation that started the Village. These properties technically aren’t yet part of the Village. The lots may or may not become part of the Village, at the discretion of the buyer.

We hope you find today’s discussion about the ins and out’s of reserved property inside HSV educational. Thanks for joining us.

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2 thoughts on “Reserved Property In Hot Springs Village, Arkansas”

  1. Did Sarver buy the property at De Soto Center where the Shell station, El Jimador, etc,is located on Calella? Is that shopping center privately owned or POA owned?

  2. Saver sold!.. did not buy.. some of the area over by the DeSoto center.. to my knowledge the Shell station has not changed hands.. and Clara Nicolosi and her business partners purchased the DeSoto center for kvre is and some of the others

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