Looking Back Shows Us Why We Should Move Forward

Looking Back Shows Us Why We Should Move Forward

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Looking back shows us why we should keep moving forward.

Today marks 1102 days of our show, Hot Springs Village Inside Out. What began on June 1, 2021 is now over three years old and like most 3-year-olds we’re just now beginning to walk. Give us a minute and we’ll be up and running.

Dennis and I continue to look back with critical eyes so we can figure out to improve our show, making it more valuable for YOU.

Here are just a few improvements you’ll see and hear moving forward.

More Video / Better Video

We’ve invested in some 4K (think super high definition) “action” cameras that will enable us to capture the beauty of Hot Springs Village. Additionally, we’ve added some professional wireless mics to our arsenal. That means you can expect us to do more recordings out and about – all around Hot Springs Village.

Dennis and I plan to do some live recordings from the outdoors of various dining establishments, backyard decks, lakefront locations and many other places that we fancy.

Four Annual Seasons Of Hot Springs Village Inside Out (like our weather)

Much of our content is evergreen. That is, many of the shows are timeless, making them always timely. However, sometimes we do shows that are more time specific and other shows that are accurate at that moment in time. To help you navigate and understand the content we’re going to begin to have seasons (just like TV shows). It’ll began after June 20, 2024, the first day of Summer. We’ll begin the Summer Season for 2024 with episode 1, until September 22, 2024 when we’ll begin Fall Season for 2024 with episode 1. Hopefully, that’ll give you improved context for each episode and help you find the shows in our search.

The website has a robust search feature. Go here and enter a keyword, a title (or parts of a title) or look up a show by date.

More Dennis & Randy Together (Again)

For the past 18 months or so I’ve been working more behind the scenes instead of behind the mic and in front of the camera. Dennis has done most of the heavy “on air” lifting because of personal activities in my life. Selling a house we’d been in for over 20 years, which involved an overwhelming amount of purging. It was exhilarating and exhausting to declutter. Then, mere weeks before closing on our house – prepared to move into an apartment in DFW – we found a house inside Hot Springs Village. That was not part of our plan. Instead, we figured eventually, but no time soon, we’d build a house on some property we bought from Dennis overlooking Lake Lago. Nope. We pivoted and closed on the sale of our house in DFW, then 2 days later closed on buying a house here inside HSV. Oh yeah, we vacated our house prior to closing, moving most of our stuff into storage. The day we closed we moved into an apartment in DFW. Then we drove to HSV to close on our house here. That was March 2023. It nearly killed us, but it was all quite thrilling. It still doesn’t seem real.

About the time I was ready to get back in the saddle with HSV Inside Out my mom, who was over 90, suffered a downward turn in her health. She and my father – married for 73 years (yes, to each other) – lived in the DFW area, along with the rest of our family. My mother wound up in hospice and she passed away in early April. Off and on we’ve brought my 100-year-old father to HSV to give him something new to experience and to give my older sister a bit of a break. He loves sitting in the sun on our front porch.

So there’s been a lot going on that has prevented me from being on camera as much as I (or Dennis) would have liked. Things are finally beginning to settle down now. Thankfully. I appreciate Dennis for carrying the public-facing weight of the show. Mostly, thanks to YOU for continuing to find what we do valuable and entertaining. We promise to work hard to improve!

You Have Questions. We’ll Find Answers.

That’s how the show got started. I had questions. Dennis either had answers who knew who could best answer them. Today, I have far more questions than I had when we started.

We’re databasing the questions we get and we’d like more because our future shows will help answer these. Here’s a sample of the questions we get.

Can you explain the POA’s fees and what the basic monthly cost to live in HSV is? Do you pay what you use and a basic fee or do you pay for everything?

Could you list the cost of what I would be responsible for when I purchase a home?

What are property taxes yearly?

How about a methodical walk through all the HSV POA amenities?

Can you share some information about the medical facilities in and around the Village, including what Veteran healthcare is available?

I’ve heard about the Balboa Yacht Club, but are there other clubs, especially for the other larger lakes like Coronado and De Soto?

I’ve noticed large propane tanks outside some homes. Is there natural gas anywhere inside the Village? I’m wondering what people use the propane for?

Does anybody know how long the average resident lives in Hot Springs Village?

We’re considering retiring to HSV, but I need to work part-time to supplement my retirement income. What are the employment opportunities for older people?

What might we expect to find with remodelers and other trades if we buy an older home that needs work?

Can a person grow a garden on their property in Hot Springs Village?

What kind of maintenance is commonplace in the Village? For example, we hear a lot of talk about leaves and tree maintenance…and what about water (i.e. drainage, wood rot, basement dampness, etc.)?

Go here to submit your questions and I promise we’ll add them to our list: https://hotspringsvillageinsideout.com/contact/

Moving forward we plan to take HSV Inside Out to the next level to help provide valuable (and hopefully entertaining) information, especially to folks facing a big decision on where to move. We hope those who find Hot Springs Village their cup of tea will seriously consider making our Village their home!

Community Matters

HSV Inside Out continues to focus appropriate attention on the many charitable works happening all around us. Use the contact page on our website to reach us. We plan to be more strategic in helping everybody know what’s happening and when.

Thank you for giving us your time and attention.

Randy Cantrell

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