Larry Wilson, The Life Of A Hot Springs Village Volunteer

Larry Wilson, The Life Of A Hot Springs Village Volunteer

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Audrey Finley joins us today to discuss the life and times of Larry Wilson, a world-class volunteer inside Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. Larry has been associated with most every group and has a huge heart for the community. For years, Larry has served as Chairman Of The Board Of Directors at Lifelong Learning Institute of Hot Springs Village, Inc. At the time of this recording Larry Wilson is in hospice. We’re all holding good thoughts and prayers for Larry and his family.

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1 thought on “Larry Wilson, The Life Of A Hot Springs Village Volunteer”

  1. Maureen Morgan

    Thank you for this. Larry helped me in so many ways over the years. He was a dedicated member of the HSV Arts Council. He put together the photo slide show for the Village Chorale’s 20th anniversary — A huge job. He ran the Arkansas Heritage Festival and I think he brought that here to HSV. I first met him at a party where he dj’d. I nominated him for citizen of the Year several years ago but I can’t remember if he won. Maybe most importantly he took care of his wife Fran for many challenging years. They don’t make them like Larry Wilson anymore.

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