Kathy Sanders On Forgiving The Oklahoma Bombers

Kathy Sanders On Forgiving The Oklahoma Bombers

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Kathy Sanders endured horrific heartbreak. It began on the morning of April 19, 1995, when a loud explosion occurred in downtown Oklahoma City. She and daughter Edie frantically dashed toward the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. That’s when their lives were devastated.

She lives inside the Village and calls it “heaven on earth.” This is just part of her story.

She’s written two books. Click the cover to find the book on Amazon.

After Oklahoma City by Kathy Sanders

Now You See Me: How I Forgave the Unforgivable by Kathy Sanders

She also has a kitchen project – Kathy’s Kitchen – where she bakes. You can even find her raising money for charitable causes like the citizens of Ukraine enduring war.

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1 thought on “Kathy Sanders On Forgiving The Oklahoma Bombers”

  1. I have had Kathy’s book for many years. I started reading it several times but never was able to read past the first couple of chapters. My heart was breaking and I could not stop crying. She spoke to s group of us at Sacred Heart of Jesus Ladies meeting years ago. Is there an address where I can drop her a note now that read it cover to cover in less than 24 hours? Thanks,

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