How To Have A Successful Airbnb Inside Hot Springs Village

How To Have A Successful Airbnb Inside Hot Springs Village

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Today Dennis pulls back the curtain on his Airbnb journey and short-term rental in general. Here at HSV Inside Out we have strong positive viewpoints about short-term rentals. Mostly because there’s a ridiculous amount of “mis and dis” information. Hot Springs Village was built by Cooper Development with inviting folks to come stay overnight and experience the Village. In the beginning, people had to stay close by because there were no places inside the Village where people could stay. Today, a few hundred short-term rental properties provide thousands of people the opportunity to come stay inside the Village, experience the golf, the beauty, the nature, and the restaurants – and many of them decide to make HSV their home. We know because we continue to hear from people who confirm that’s exactly what happened to them.

Randy Cantrell


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2 thoughts on “How To Have A Successful Airbnb Inside Hot Springs Village”

  1. Dennis, Why is your AirBnB doing so well? You. Live. Here.
    We purchased a former AirBnB unit and it is a fixer-upper. Carpets stained with pet messes. Damaged interior doors. Et cetera… The previous owners of this unit live in Texas, so no oversight.

    1. yes.. that is a LOT of it.. but being in the village, on a lake (each unit), amenities, pets, kayaks and the VILLAGE helps a LOT of things 🙂 but i will agreed readily .. on site … is a biggie 🙂

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