Jeff Atkins- How A Love Of Golf Provoked A Move To Hot Springs Village

Jeff Atkins: How A Love Of Golf Provoked A Move To Hot Springs Village

Jeff Atkins joins us today. I’d been told that Jeff is a fountain of information about Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. And why wouldn’t he be? He’s lived inside the Village for years and been elected to the Board of the Property Owners’ Association (POA) three separate times.

Armed with a degree in computer science, Jeff is a software programmer in banking services. He is also the owner of Hot Springs Village Memberships. If you love golf and are interested or curious about visiting Hot Springs Village, Arkansas to take advantage of any of the nine golf courses, then you may want to speak with Jeff. Golf brought him here. He’ll tell us the story in today’s show.

Whether you’re looking to get great deals on golf inside the Village or to purchase a lot to build your dream home, check out Jeff’s websites.

Enjoy today’s episode.

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