Happy Thanksgiving 2023!

Happy Thanksgiving 2023!

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Dennis and I celebrate our 3rd Thanksgiving together as partners in this podcast. We’re thankful for so many things and so many people that time won’t permit us to properly say, “Thank you!”

Thanks to the Village for existing. Thanks to Cooper Development for creating such a terrific place.

Thanks to Dennis for agreeing to join me in this podcasting endeavor – and for carrying the hosting load for 2023 as Rhonda and I did all that behind-the-scenes work to get here. It’s been among the best years of our lives in planning and making the dream come true.

Thanks to our sponsorsKVRE, Re/Max of Hot Springs Village, and Ike Eisenhauer State Farm – for helping us get the word out while keeping the lights on.

Thanks to our audience. Otherwise, we’re just two guys with microphones talking to ourselves – something we’d likely be doing anyway, but it sure helps to have a community. Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Thanks to all the guests. There are too many of you to call out personally, but your willingness to share your stories, insights, and knowledge with us and our audience has made the show!

I’m thankful that modern technology and this permission-free way of life exist in my lifetime. Dennis and I didn’t have to ask anybody for permission to start this show. Technology afforded us the opportunity to just start. I recently hired a couple of young college guys to do some work at my house. Hayden Castleberry is a young man, who with a college buddy, does all kinds of handyman, odd-job work around the Village. I bring him up because I appreciate his hustle in a world where a couple of young men can do what they’re doing thanks to social media and the Internet. Like us, they can just start. And I’m thankful they did – and that we did. If you’ve got work you’d like Hayden to quote, call him today at (318) 366-5592.

Lord willing, we’ve got big plans and improvements in store for Hot Springs Village Inside Out. I’m proud to have made Hot Springs Village our new hometown! Here’s a link to the Andy Griffith episode I referred to in today’s show.

From me and Dennis…have a safe, happy Thanksgiving!

Randy Cantrell

KVRE, media sponsor to HSV Inside Out
Thanks to our exclusive media partner, KVRE

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