Barton Langford: Tree Talk With A Semi-Retired Forester

Barton Langford: Tree Talk With A Semi-Retired Forester

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Barton (Bart) Langford is a resident expert on trees. He’s called Hot Springs Village home for a few years now. As a member of the Common Property, Forest & Wildlife Committee advising the Hot Springs Village POA (property owners association), Bart puts his 50 plus years of experience in forestry to work — for the benefit of all of us inside the Village. Besides that, Bart is a terrific man with lots of great stories to share…so much so, we could barely scratch the surface in today’s show. But we tried. You’re going to enjoy meeting Mr. Bart.

Randy Cantrell


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2 thoughts on “Barton Langford: Tree Talk With A Semi-Retired Forester”

  1. Randy, the end of your conversation with Bart was priceless. You and Dennis really know how to pick some great people to interview. And you both know how to get the best stories from your guests. Keep up that great southern sense of humor. My wife and I are both 65 and retired up here in Illinois, but I dream of getting down to HSV just to check things out, and meet you guys and more people like you. The area sounds lovely and you folks sound genuinely friendly. Thanks for the great podcast.

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