Author Jeffrey L. Meek

Author Jeffrey L. Meek

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Jeff Meek purchased his first property in Hot Springs Village in August 1982. Jeff and his wife were teachers in Illinois. In June 2005 they moved into a house on Lake Balboa. The plan was to retire and try to catch fish. Life took a turn when Jeff followed his passion and curiosity about retired military veterans, which resulted in authoring the book, They Answered the Call: World War II Veterans Share Their Stories.

In short order, Jeff joined The Village Voice newspaper. Today, after retiring on 3 separate occasions, Jeff continues as the assignment editor of the Hot Springs Village Voice. He has recently published his third book on the JFK assassination. You can find all of his books on Amazon on this page.

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  1. I listen to the podcast with Jeffrey Meeks and also watched a YouTube video of an interview he gave a bit ago. I’m very interested in contacting Jeffrey and wondered if you could provide an email address so I could contact him and discuss J. F. K assassination questions.

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