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Alanna Owen & Joey Clampit: Joining Forces with Tanner’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill

Tanner’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill is now owned and operated by a new partnership between Alanna Owen and Joey Clampit. They join us today on Hot Springs Village Inside Out.

Alanna and her husband, Daniel, own and operate Melinda’s Café & Coffee. Joey is the owner/operator of Clampit’s Country Kitchen & Meat Market. They’ve joined forces to now operate Tanner’s, with Alanna taking responsibility for “the front of the house” (the dining room) and Joey running “the back of the house” (the kitchen). We think you’ll quickly see how powerful this team is — and how powerful they’re going to be moving forward.

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4 thoughts on “Alanna Owen & Joey Clampit: Joining Forces with Tanner’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill”

  1. Theresa Richard Wille

    We Love live Joey Clampitts! We are retired farmers from Iowa and have always butchered our own meat. A year ago when we retired to the Village my husband and I thought what we were going to do about not having Iowa corn feed beef and bot were we shocked when we found Clampits! Wow, Joey talked with my husband and I and is so nice and welcoming to us and we Only buy All our meats and seafood from Joey. His prime meat is just like our meat from the farm. What a blessing he is too us. You have to go check his meat market out for sure!! Thanks for the broadcast guys, we appreciate you both.

    1. Thanks for watching/listening to the show. We really enjoyed visiting with Joey. And that BIG BOY SAMMICH is exactly as described in the menu, “A mountain of meat on a big bun.” Delicious!

  2. Just got around to watching this today! See that Randy made his visit this week! But remain amazed that Dennis has never been to Clampit’s ! Know you guys are vacationing now, but you must take Diana shopping when you get back!

    1. We’ve both (Dennis and Randy) been to Clampit’s now. At the time of the recording, we hadn’t. It’s pretty special. Dennis bought quite a lot of meat products to cook at home, too! #ClampitsForTheWin

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