4 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Facebook Group

4 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Facebook Group

Shortly after we launched this website and podcast we created a public Facebook group. The group quickly reached a few hundred people and as I write this I’m happy to report we now number 645. Permit me a moment to entice you to join us with a few powerful reasons.

Reason #1 – Engage

We can actually engage with our viewers and listeners. Our show isn’t a one-way street. Without you – our audience – we’re just a couple of rubes talking into microphones. To ourselves. Okay, maybe that’s what we are anyway, but YOU make the difference. We’re doing our show because we love Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. We’re also doing it for all the people who share our love of this beautiful, peaceful place. Our Facebook group affords us the opportunity to hear from and interact with…YOU.

Reason #2 – Instruct

My curiosity about Hot Springs Village was instrumental in starting this podcast. As I’m learning about the Village we’re able to bring you along for the ride. Inside our Facebook group we’re able to share historical and other information about the Village in a way that is more of a conversation than a lecture. Group members get the benefit.

Reason #3 – First To Know

Who doesn’t want to be the first to know about something? Well, members of our Facebook group get a jump on finding out what we’re up to. We’re pretty open and transparent about this project. The star of our show is Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. We’re always working on ways to shine a brighter light on HSV.

Reason #4 – Avoid The Ninnies

Do you know the pivotal moment when I decided I was going to start this project? When I got sick and tired of hearing all the ninnies complain, moan and groan about every little thing they didn’t like. As though social media was the forum where improvement could best be made. Truthfully, there were a few moments where I saw comments and other things, and I was prompted to ask, “Are you kidding me? The place is gorgeous. And I love, love, love it.”

We don’t put up with any non-sense inside our Facebook group. And people are great! So far, everybody seems to appreciate that we’re not about bashing the POA, or board members, or staffers. We’re not a couple of “get off my lawn” old guys, although we are guys and we’re getting old. 😉

So if you’d like a respite from the ninnies, join us. If you’re a ninnie, then please don’t join. We don’t tolerate folks who want to rain on our parade. We choose to view life as being pretty great. And we’re thankful we can enjoy the greatness that is Hot Springs Village.

I could likely give you more reasons, but I think those four are convincing. So now, there’s only one thing left to do.

Join us! Click here and do it now.

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