We Sold Out: We're Capitalists!

We Sold Out: We’re Capitalists!

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Warning: Opinions Ahead

Truth is, every episode has some opinions. Some more than others. But our little podcast is all about sharing stories, insights and information about this place we love so much, Hot Springs Village.

Hot Springs Village Inside Out is approaching its 1st birthday, June 1, 2022. It’s gonna be B-I-G.

We sold out. And we’re not sorry. In the least.

Today’s show is all about transparency, openness, honesty and our ongoing commitment to serve you, our audience. Yes, the title has a high degree of clickbait styling. No matter, we’re confident that 99.99% of you will enjoy the show. That’s good enough for us. Thank you. We appreciate all of you.

Randy Cantrell


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2 thoughts on “We Sold Out: We’re Capitalists!”

  1. Totally agree that different Real Estate agencies don’t have to be enemies just because they are “competitors.” There are agents that I respect highly and prefer working with, from various companies.

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