Subscribing FREE To I Heart Radio

Subscribing FREE To I Heart Radio

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NOTE: Today’s episode doesn’t translate well to AUDIO ONLY. Watch the video instead. We’ve inserted links below to make it easier for you to find KVRE, HSV Inside Out podcast and HSV Inside Out Radio Show – all on the I Heart Radio platform. Enjoy!

Today, Dennis offers an I Heart Radio demonstration of how to subscribe FREE to the new KVRE platform – and the HSV Inside Out radio show, which airs every Saturday and Sunday morning from 10 – 11 am on KVRE. Oh, and our podcast – HSV Inside Out – has been on I Heart Radio since we began back in June 2021.

KVRE, Media Partners recently joined the I Heart Radio family of over 850 stations. Here are some interesting details about I Heart Radio.

1. 250 million listeners every month
2. 76% of America listens to I Heart Radio every month
3. Amazing Audio Quality, AAC format for streaming. Studio Quality Sound
4. Available on Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, Roku, Firestick, tablets or iPads
5. Songs Appear in the app as we play them, Album Art, Artist, and the Album containing the song
6. Can LIKE a song you hear on KVRE
7. Liking it makes a playlist you can refer to at any time
8. FREE! There are paid options on the platform, too
9. No Commercials are inserted over the KVRE Stream
10. Plays on new car radios, Smart TV’s and any connected device

Randy Cantrell

KVRE, media sponsor to HSV Inside Out
Thanks to our exclusive media partner, KVRE

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