Sept 2022 Update From Public Services Director Ken Unger

Fall 2022 Update From Public Services Director Ken Unger

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Ken Unger, the Public Services Director for Hot Springs Village P.O.A., joins us today to discuss the recent reserve property purchase and how it affects the utilities and easements of the Village. With Fall upon us and leaves taking over, Ken explains the new leaf collection program, roads, and repaving, and how we may transition to composting waste and leaves.

Randy Cantrell


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2 thoughts on “Fall 2022 Update From Public Services Director Ken Unger”

  1. Just watched yet another great interview this time with Ken Unger. Informative – honest, quality, innovative and efficient operations in the Village.

  2. I love these updates/videos. Every resident needs to take
    advantage of the information provided by Randy. I just watched
    the one with Ken Unger, our public services director. It is loaded
    with helpful information about our Village Services, especially
    with the trees giving up their leaves and what we can-NOW do
    with them.
    Thank you Randy.
    Respectfully, Max

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