Marble Township and Dark Corner Secrets

Marble Township and Dark Corner Secrets

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Liz Robbins, Garland County Historical Society director, explains what was here in Hot Springs Village before this community was developed – the Marble Township and Dark Corner secrets.

Randy Cantrell

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3 thoughts on “Marble Township and Dark Corner Secrets”

  1. That was interesting Dennis. I can tell you that I have personally found 2 sites of old moonshine stills inside HSV and another just outside the boundary. If you look at the early land surveyor maps from the 1820s when the original Baseline was run, they mention a “good mill site” at the corner just about where the Cortez spillway is located today. On that old plat there are only a couple of old roads or traces. One leads from where the village is today going west to Sulphur Springs then goes east right where Bill Meyers Rd is today just north of the village. As an aside, if you look on a good topographic map you will see an old trail or logging road just north of Cortez Golf Course and along the HSV boundary. The name of that old road still today is the Dark Corner Trail.


  2. My parents, Russ & Irene Wiberg built this house at 1 Sereno Lane in 1985-86. After my parents passed away, we bought the house by paying off my sister for the title. At the same time, a house was built next door, 3 Sereno Lane by Jerry and Vicki Blevins. Vicki was the first HSV Chamber of Commerce President and opened the gift store “Company’s Comin” in the West Gate lower level shopping area.
    My Dad and Jerry told of the local lore: the in the middle of Lake Cortez, straight out from our houses, was a cluster of small buildings, one definitely a post office. They said that this had been confirmed by divers. Our homes are located in what is now known as Turtle Cove, right behind and past Cortez Beach. I wish I remembered more …

  3. Adding another thought of my own: if you look at a map of Lake Cortez you can see the three streams that were draining into the valley which is now filled with lake water. Why not expect there to be some source of commerce, industry, travel stop, … at this confluence. Look at the map. You may cite me on this – haven’t seen it anywhere else.

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