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Randy Cantrell

Randy CantrellI’ve been podcasting since before it was called podcasting, but professionally I’m an executive/leadership coach serving CEOs, business owners, and city government leaders. As a long-time CEO, I stepped away over a decade ago to serve executives. The work is about people – mostly helping leaders build high-performing careers, groups, teams, and organizations. I produce a podcast to compliment my coaching called, Grow Great: A City Government Leadership podcast.

You can learn more about me and find all the ways to follow or connect with me on social media by going to RandyCantrell.com.

HSV Inside Out’s first episode informs everybody why I began this podcast. Our first visit to Hot Springs Village was in September 2018. Our love for the place has deepened over time, prompting my wife and me to buy a house in the Village. We’re surrounded by good people. Life is good!


Dennis Simpson

Like my friend Randy, my background is very diverse.

A graduate of Southern Baptist College in “downtown” Walnut Ridge, Arkansas I have worked in printing, music ministry, real estate, IT, VOIP, radio/voiceover work, and short-term rentals. In the process fell in love with my dear wife, business partner, and co-host of our radio show Country Corner on KVRE.

My heart and soul are in Hot Springs Village. For over 20 years I have bought and sold properties here and love it more every day. I recall living in Little Rock and owning the 3rd largest IT company in Arkansas. I had 16 employees and 17 headaches. Every time I would come to Hot Springs Village to shoot photos or buy/sell lots I could hardly pull myself away.

I recall driving out the gates, back to Little Rock to a very nice home overlooking the Arkansas River, and staring in the windows of Hot Springs Village residents. I would say to myself, “they get to stay here every night” … for a kid that grew up only 15 miles from Hot Springs Village I know it seems odd. The beauty is hard to match but that is only the tip. The people here, the serenity, the silence, and nature to this day make us feel as if we are walking into God’s Nature Sanctuary, careful not to disrupt the order and peace.

This podcast is an ongoing attempt to explain, educate, and entertain others about the greatness of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. We hope the podcast engages current residents and property owners, people who enjoy visiting often, interested people who have never visited, and those who may be considering making Hot Springs Village, Arkansas their future home.

Visit one of my work websites here, D & D Properties LLC, or here, Total Tech of Arkansas. Our live lake cam is worth checking out, too.


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