Celebrating Our 2nd Birthday!

Celebrating Our 2nd Birthday!

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Today’s show is filled with some not-so-closely-held surprises. Among them:

  • The sale of our home in Texas, where we’ve lived for 25 years
  • The move into an apartment nearby our old house
  • Tracking the price of new houses inside Hot Springs Village so I could have an idea of what it might cost us to build a house on our HSV lot
  • That tracking led to a new house which caught my eye – and attention
  • I finally showed the online listing of this house to my wife – something I had not done for months
  • We made an offer on a new house, which was accepted
  • Within days of selling our Texas house, we closed on the house inside Hot Springs Village

The most important part of today’s show is the celebration of our second birthday as a podcast and online show.

Here’s the video of surprising Dennis on the purchase of a house inside Hot Springs Village. Video was shot by my son, Ryan, the DFW home inspector. You can find him at RyanInspects.com.

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In other news, I’m back “on the air.” We’ll discuss why I’ve been away much of the past year.

Stay tuned ’cause we’ve got big plans as we enter year 3 of Hot Springs Village Inside Out.

Thank you to so many people who have helped us grow and develop enough to turn two!

  • KVRE and the entire team
  • Re/Max of Hot Springs Village, Clara Nicolosi and her entire team, including Pamela Graves, who helped us sell our lot inside HSV
  • Ike Eisenhauer State Farm, Ike and Sonya and all the kind folks over there
  • Every guest…thank you!
  • Every member of our audience…without you we’re just a couple of guys talking to ourselves (and occasionally to guests)

Randy Cantrell

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Thanks to our exclusive media partner, KVRE

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